Individual tailoring coats

Orders for individual tailoring of fur and leather products are taken directly to a fur factory. In this deposit is not required.

Making ordered coats made in our factory within 3-5 business days.

When ordering technologist will remove your measurements. Then the designer will make the necessary amendments to the Italian design patterns - the standards to ensure accurate fit products for your figure, or build original patterns according to your standards, depending on the particular model chosen in the showroom. Thus, only a few days after the order for you to be made is the same coat (fur), as that which you have chosen in our showroom, but taking into account the characteristics of cross-linked to your figure.

In the manufacture of luxury fur coats may exercise any imagination and ideas the client with advice from our engineers and designers. Each exclusive product is a certificate of originality that it is made in a single copy and trademark "Duet» ® undertakes not to produce replica products and do not run it into mass production within one year from date of purchase.

When an individual tailoring coats at our factory is used fur the same high quality as in the mass production of finished fur products. These are the best skins of mink, sable, chinchilla, Persian lamb and broadtail, bobcats, raccoons, seals, foxes (all varieties), and fox.

For individual orders trademark "Duet» ® does not accept pelts purchased by the customer. We will use when creating fur skins just purchased our company in the world-famous fur auctions, the last high-quality processing and compliance with international quality standards, as fully responsible for the quality of used fur semi-finished and finished products.

On coats, custom-made, subject to all kinds of warranty and after warranty service, ready for fur, including fur storage in the refrigerator during the warm