How to choose a coat

Traditionally, at the end of summer the price of furs "melts" . But in the pursuit of an economy version of it is likely you can lose and a lot of money without making up the price of fur coats. To protect our readers from frustration, offer professional advice on the furriers trade mark "Duet."

The front side of fur layperson will not give any secret tricks of producers, because prior to the sale of each hair coat is laid steam generators as a hair dryer. But after my first stay in the fog (not to mention the snow or rain), all seams prolyagut and will be visible to the naked eye. In addition, every seam reduces wear and heat protection product characteristics, increases the risk of breaking products, and therefore respecting themselves and their clients producers seek to minimize their number to a technologically sound.

The less you see the seams on the reverse side, the better the product. Remember, valued and long coat is only made of solid backs (mink, chinchilla, sable, etc.). If you find a lot of padding stitches, long narrow strips, the thickness of a finger - no excuses not to convince you of the high quality of the product, because whatever one may say - it is of the pieces!

But even the whole back of mink may be defective if an unscrupulous manufacturer uses all the powers of mink to stretch. In the area of ??heavy mink can be increased by 40 percent. And with the help of a special preparation of fur can be hard to increase up to 60 percent! Check drawn fur or not, is simple: take the product from the inside and in the transverse direction much of its draw. Quality mink will be pulled, like a rubber band. A product of the skins with a win over membrane (the surface of leather skins) will resemble the feelings parchment paper and will not stretch.

That is, you can sew a product of the 28 backs, but you can make the same size of the 20 backs of animals. Products of the 28 high-quality components manufactured with a minimum number of seams, never shrink, they do not jump the board, the sleeves are not made shorter, and life can not only to please and surprise, and - in fact not for nothing that our products are passed from generation to generation!