The best furs of Scandinavia - for you!

The company "Duet" ®, a leader in the development and manufacture of hats and fur products in Ukraine for more than 18 years of operation has gained wide popularity and is proud of the high quality products.

The company perfectly debugged production of fur coats, hats of all kinds of fur, leather (more than 200 models), fur scarves, stoles, fur and leather accessories.

The main pride of today - line production of high quality mink coats on German technology on the latest German equipment with the use of certified raw material, purchased at the largest world-famous fur auctions: Danish fur auction in Copenhagen «Copenhagen fur», American fur auction in Seattle " American legend », Finnish fur auction in Helsinki« Finnish fur sales ».

Brand "Duet ®» provides consumers with a quality guarantee on their products, and each of the coats have a passport and a certificate, which provides customers a year warranty.

Directly at the factory located showrooms finished products, in which highly qualified experts will help you find the perfect fit in the landing and the size of the product in accordance with your preferences and price criteria.

If you have an irregular shape or wish to purchase an exclusive coat, made to your measurements - the trade mark "Duet» ® produces custom tailoring custom made fur coats. Also custom-made production of fur and leather clothing, fur bedspreads and rugs.

Regular updating of collections, a wide range of models and a range of sizes, high quality and modern design, along with a magnificent combination of elegance and comfort meet the needs of most demanding customers.

fashion show TM Duet 2012-2013
Fur - the most famous, most beautiful, warm and noble materials used in clothing. Moreover, the most ancient.